Welcome to Seralia...

War has ended in Seralia, but the scars are far from healed.

Decades of fighting have ended in a stalemate. The citizens are left to pick up the pieces. Precocious teenager Chel embarks on a cross-country trip to unravel the secrets of a missing generation. Along the way, she meets loyal comrades and other-wordly foes. Seralia may be in ruins, but a new day is dawning.

Explore a dystopian landscape with a mix of archaic and fantastical technology. Build weapons from scrap parts and put them to use in battle. Recruit companions, travel in style with speedy vehicles, and keep track of your quests in your handy logbook as you uncover the depths of a vast government conspiracy.

For a Vast Future, coming 2022 for the PC. Nintendo Switch release expected 2023.

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The title screen.
Travel the world by bike!
Do battle with robots, mutants, and cyborgs.
Control your character's stat growth and skills.
The Seralian Turnpike is the expansive roadway through the world.
Explore labs, factories, abandoned towns, and bunkers for loot and clues.


Classic RPG gameplay with modern refinements and infinite customization. No two playthroughs will be the same!

  • Fast active time combat
  • Complete customization: determine character stat progression and weapon proficiencies
  • Crafting system: create attack items and buff/debuff items for unique strategies
  • Ammo system: equip weapon-specific ammo types to give your attacks a kick! Deal explosion damage, status effects, and more
  • Hack into computers, operate cranes, and ride a motorbike through the wartorn country side
  • 6-8 hours of condensed RPG goodness. A brief RPG that you can replay for a new experience each time!



Chel is independent and adventurous, a compassionate leader who was molded by a childhood spent in foster care. She is motivated by a drive to find her birth parents, who left her hometown when she was very young. Her search takes her across Seralia, a war-torn country teeming with mystery and danger.

Age: 16
Hometown: Hogtowne
Weapon: Magipistol

Darris is a cyborg, a human augmented with robotic enhancements. He was the subject of military experiments, left in a state of stasis when the war ended. Though he possesses strength far beyond that of a normal man, Darris is nonetheless hesitant to engage in violence. He seeks answers about his origin and accompanies Chel on her quest.

Age: ??
Hometown: ??
Weapon: Gravgun

Tarnstrom is a grizzled veteran who's trying to outrun his past. Conscripted into the Seralian Army at an early age, he found himself rudderless and lost after the cease fire. A chance meeting with some adventurers helps him find new purpose as a traveling bodyguard.

Age: 42
Hometown: Binyu Cape
Weapon: Magirifle

Equal parts cheerful and cunning, Penton is a fierce friend and capricious companion. Though she's a member of the Golden Hand cult, her loyalties seems to lie elsewhere. Her motivations may be mysterious but her energy is boundless. She brings many skills to the table, not the least of which is her aptitude for piloting a motorcycle.

Age: 20
Hometown: Greenspring
Weapon: Lasdart